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Public and Private Investing – What should you know

When it comes to investments, typically there are two commonly held goals: protect wealth already created; add to that wealth for the future. From these two goals, strategies can be

Performance Management – A Path to Excellence

In simplifying business, it can be argued there are two fundamentals all organizations follow: 1. Doing the ‘right things’ (strategic intent). 2. Doing ‘things right’ (operational effectiveness).

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – The Evolution of Management Information Systems

It can been said that, all companies are a collection of management systems, while the best companies tend to be those employing the best systems.

How Does Equifaira Select the Companies We Work With?

Equifaira is a ‘liquidity event planner’ (see post on Equifaira blog, “What is a Liquidity Event”). We are specialists in developing corporate strategies and their execution in areas of corporate governance, financial management and investor relations.

What’s Better for Startups: Seek Private Financing or To Go Public (IPO)?

At Equifaira Advisors, we work with start-ups and early stage companies. Through our internal process, we select Founders who lead companies with the potential for exceptional results.

Why Does Equifaira Select Founder Led Companies?

I had a close friend and business mentor reviewing our business plan the other day and he asked me a direct question: “Why does Equifaira focus so heavily on founder led clients?” It made me think about this very important factor of our business model.